212 Ice Cream Studio is first to bring Drill’d ice cream in Arizona

Now this is a story, all about how our ice cream got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute, so scoop on by I’ll tell you how we became 212 Studio with so many favors to try.


Now that we have your attention, I'd like to introduce myself. I am the owner, Tina Singh, mother and dessert lover. I've always been able to whip out yummy fusion flavored desserts with delicious toppings to compliment each one. My warm fluffy donuts and my traditional Indian dessert of Gulab jamun have always been a favorite. Therefore, my family decided that this Mom from New York should open an ice cream studio to represent my background and the wonderful flavors from where I am from.

After months of extensive research and experimentation the 212 Ice Cream Studio was born in Gilbert, Arizona. Our main goal is to have each of our customers try decedent desserts with extraordinary flavor with a taste that is true to its name. Therefore, we hand pick our ingredients buying local, organic and farm fresh fruits only. 212 Ice Cream Studio isn’t your typical Ice Cream shop. It's an extension of our home where we believe in serving love and flavors from around the world one scoop at a time. Our customers are the heart and soul of our shop so we pride ourselves in building valuable relationships with each of you. So stop by and try our New York themed desserts that are sure to put you in an ice cream state of mind.


We strive to create ice cream for everybody. We mix and match unusual combinations so that every scoop that we serve meets your highest ice cream expectations.


Some informations about our restaurant

OH MY !! stopped in for their vegan ice cream. They have a plethora of vegan options, including hand rolled premium Ice cream options. Select cones, 4 total, are dairy free...

Vegan reviewer here! I heard they had some amazing dairy free options and I had to stop in. I went in pretty late on a Saturday night hoping they wouldn't...

Celebrated first day of summer vacation here today. Found this place on yelp and grateful that I did. Had my three kids with me and we enjoyed our ice cream...

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